There are many different types of Will available and it is very important to choose the one which best suits your circumstances and wishes.

The right Will ensures that you have complete peace of mind for the future and your loved ones are protected. We offer many different types of Wills to suit your individual situation. These include:

Standard Wills

We ensure that your Standard Will is tailored to your specific circumstances and wishes:

  • Single Will - a Will designed for one person (£150 plus VAT)

  • Mirror Will - a pair of Wills designed for couples with similar wishes (£250 plus VAT)

Trust Wills

Trusts can offer increased protection of your property and possessions for loved ones. If you own a property, have significant savings, or wish to ensure that vulnerable people are cared for, a Trust can give you greater peace of mind. A Trust can allow you to protect the value of your property, assets and investments for future generations.

We can help you write a Will which is tailored to your specific needs providing you with the best protection for your property, assets and more importantly, your loved ones' future. Trust Wills can be written for both single people and couples.

Sampson Solicitors offers a professional Will writing service. Please give us a call for free initial advice on the type of Will which would suit your circumstances. We can also then provide you with confirmation of the cost of the particular Will to suit your circumstances.