When buying a property our advice to you is always to obtain full searches so that we can find out if there are matters that may adversely affect the use and occupation of your property. If you have a mortgage lender then they will generally require you to have searches carried out.

The following are examples of some standard searches that Sampson Solicitors would recommend are carried out when buying a property and will arrange to be carried out for you.

Local Authority Search

These include the enquiries which provide details of planning applications, pending compulsory purchase orders, public maintenance of highways, planning policy of the council, breaches of planning control, road works affecting the property, nearby railway and tramway schemes, contaminated land and radon gas.

Drainage and Water Search

The drainage and water search includes enquiries relating to the connection and adoption of services, service within the property, statutory agreements, the basis of charging for services and their proximity to the public system.

Mining Search

This search is used to identify whether or not the property is at risk from historic mining and there are different types of mining searches which can look into including coal, tin and ball clay mining.

Chancel Search

A property owner may have an historic liability to contribute to repairs to the parish church. This search reveals if there is a possibility of such risk.

Environmental Search

This search reviews environmental factors in the vicinity of the property that may affect it including contaminated land, landfill, sewerage plants etc.

Flood Search

This search will reveal all currently lodged planning applications nearby. Of course it will not reveal if any neighbouring properties or land have not yet submitted planning applications. You could therefore purchase the property and then find out someone puts in a planning application.

Planning Search

This search includes whether the property is at risk from flooding.

Dev Assess Search

This search contains similar information to the Planning Search but with one important difference: it will also tell you any areas nearby that are at risk of development even though planning applications may not have been submitted by the owners of the land. This is the best search to have if you are concerned about development near to the property that you are purchasing. It will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you are buying near an area that is at risk of being developed in the future.