Reasons to Register a Property

Some advantages of having a registered title are:

  • 1.A registered title provides you with an up-to-date official record of who owns land drawing together the contents of a number of unregistered Title Deeds.
  • 2.Once registered, each title is given an official plan of the land. These title plans are based on the larger-scale Ordnance Survey maps. This means that all registered title plans should be consistent with each other.
  • 3.There is a registered title guarantee. This means that if somebody suffers a loss because of a mistake or an omission from the register, they may be able to get compensation.
  • 4.There is a secure record of your land ownership held at the Land Registry which is accessible ‘online’ so there is no need to rely on paper deeds and eliminates the worry of losing them.
  • 5.Registration can also help to prevent fraud, which can result from copying or withholding title deeds.

Your title deeds can be voluntarily registered with the Land Registry without the need to be completing a sale or purchase etc. Sampson Solicitors can help you with the registration process and ensure that all the relevant deeds and documents are registered.

The Land Registry offers a reduced registration fee to register your title and we offer fixed legal fees to help with the first registration. The cost is fixed at £250 plus VAT and disbursements. If you think your title may be unregistered and you would like to consider first registration then contact please contact us and we will be happy to explain what is involved to you.