Let us assist you with administering the Estate

When a person dies, someone has to deal with their affairs. This is called ‘administering the estate’.

Dealing with someone’s estate can be complicated, confusing and lengthy, often taking months to complete. We can help you through what is an emotional time. Whether you need some advice on what steps to take in dealing with the estate of a loved one or you are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, we are here to help you.

There can be a great deal of emotional stress after the death of a loved one and dealing with all the associated legal, tax and administrative issues can be added pressure. You are likely to have a lot of questions on matters that require immediate attention and we are happy to assist with any initial queries that you may have.

One of the Personal Representatives (called an Executor in a Will or an dministrator if there is no Will) legal duties is to ensure that a person is buried or cremated. It might be that there are funeral instructions in the Will or contained in a separate letter of wishes that need to be followed. You can contact Denise Wellington Funeral Director ( to discuss what to do when someone dies and for assistance with arranging the funeral.

Professional Advice and Support on Probate and Estate Administration

Our qualified Solicitors will complete all the legalities, tax issues and paperwork for you to help minimise the burden on you and your time, while keeping you in the picture every step of the way.

Free initial advice and support for you when someone dies

Whether you are an Executor of a Will or a close family relative or friend, we can provide you with clear free initial legal advice on what to do following the death of a loved one.

We can:

  • Identify what needs to be done following the death of a loved one

  • The immediate next steps that you need to take

  • Who can administer the estate, with advice on the legal, tax and administrative responsibilities associated with the role

  • An explanation of what Probate is to help you decide whether it is required to administer the estate

  • The options and choices that are available to you when deciding what to do next

    • We have prepared a free booklet that will assist you with what to do when someone dies. If you would like a copy please get in touch.