Sampson Solicitors offer a professional Power of Attorney writing service that is easy to use and with the cost starting from £275 (plus VAT) it is a small investment in time and money now which will protect you and your property and affairs and give you complete peace of mind.

Our service includes:

  • Legal expertise - provided by a specialist qualified Solicitor with years of experience in writing Powers of Attorney and managing the affairs of those that are incapable of doing so themselves. Our specialist is a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), Solicitors for the Elderly and The Law Society's Private Client Section. Our specialist is regularly appointed by clients as their Attorney, should they become incapable, and is also regularly appointed by the Court of Protection to act as a Deputy when someone has not made a Power of Attorney.

  • Convenience - evening and weekend appointments if required

  • Home and hospital visits - (additional charges may apply depending on circumstances and location)

  • Transparency - fixed fees are offered before any work starts

  • Simplicity - we communicate in a way which is simple and easy to understand

  • Free initial advice and support - on writing your power of attorney

  • Free storage - of your power of attorney in a secure fireproof area

  • Free ongoing advice and support - should your circumstances change

  • Free production of certified copies - if additional copies are required in the future

  • A professional Attorney or Deputyship service

There is currently a Court Registration Fee of £110 for registering each LPA.

If you receive certain benefits you may be exempt from the Court Registration Fee.

If your attorney pays to register the LPA, they can reclaim the costs from you. An Attorney can also claim any expenses that they incur as a result of their role as Attorney, such as postage and travel costs. We can advise Attorneys on carrying out their role.

A Single LPA (either Financial Decisions or Health & Care Decisions) costs £275 (plus VAT) and mirror LPAs for couples costs £375 (plus VAT) (both including registration at the Office of the Public Guardian but excluding Court Registration Fee).

Sampson Solicitors offers a professional Power of Attorney writing service. Please get in touch for free initial advice on the type of Power of Attorney which would suit your circumstances. We can also then provide you with confirmation of the cost.