Children - Introduction

We can give you the support and reassurance that you need to help you make the right decisions and find a way forward

As parents you will often need to make difficult decisions about your children. Issues can arise during a divorce or separation and at other times, such as if the other parent decides to move away or even abroad.

If you are separating then you are likely to be concerned about the practical issues regarding the children. It can often be difficult to decide on exactly what is right for the children, especially if the parents are going through an emotional time surrounding the breakdown of their relationship.

Making sure parents are properly informed

We are here to guide and support you at every stage. We can try to help limit the impact of your separation and assist all those involved to move forward.

To reduce the impact of your separation on your children you should try to reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation. This will help you avoid the stress and expense of going to Court.

Professional Advice and Support

Our specialist Solicitors have experience in dealing with all aspects relating to children, helping parents and grandparents to resolve the issues in the best interests of the children. We believe that Court proceedings are the last resort for resolving issues over children.

We offer free initial advice and support for you on all children matters