Storing Wills

During any discussion about making a Will it is almost guaranteed that a question will be raised about storing the document. There are a number of options available. If a Will is made through Sampson Solicitors the document can be stored free of charge with us. You might however have a safe at home or use a bank deposit box that you would rather use or you may decide to just keep it in a cardboard box under the bed - an unwise but not uncommon choice!

Most People Do Not Tell Anyone Where Their Will Is

Wherever you decide to keep your Will it is statistically highly likely that apart from a spouse or partner, your next of kin will not know where the Will is. It is something most people forget to mention or they are secretive about and yet how many times do we hear that making a Will is one of the most important steps you can take to secure your family’s future? If the Will cannot be found all your efforts will be wasted.

Risks of Untraced Wills

Even if you make a point of telling other people where your Will is stored it is quite likely that they will forget and there is then a substantial risk that after you have gone your family will not be able to find the document.

Every year thousands of people have to spend time and money searching for the whereabouts of missing Wills. This is additional unnecessary stress that could be avoided at what is already an emotional time. If they cannot locate it easily they might just assume a Will was never made or has been destroyed and the consequences of that can be devastating.

Why Sampson Solicitors Joined Certainty

There is a solution to the above problem which is to register the whereabouts of the Will with the Certainty National Will Register. Registration ensures that the existence and location of the document is easily traceable. That is why Sampson Solicitors have joined Certainty and can now offer all our clients the opportunity to have their Wills registered. Please note that the contents of your Will are not registered with Certainty simply that a Will exists for you and is being stored at Sampson Solicitors.

If you would like to have your Will registered or would like more information about Certainty’s National Will Register please contact us

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